is a design and digital studio with heart from Hamburg. creating projects with passion is our life. we love the art of change and look forward to yours.

created by
André Kremmer

Distinctive, concise, familiar.
with the right focus on your brand and product!

We develop your individual strategy and design your identity, tailored to the needs of your customers. To make you stand out from the crowd and create something unique, we do not always follow conventional paths.

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A blank sheet of paper is nothing without signs. With conciseness and style, we make your company visible.


We take care of details and help you with the highest sensitivity in logo, colouring and naming for a tailor-made appearance.


A vision without a strategy is like a goal without a path. We guide you on your way to success.


We design your digital presence with the focus on your goals and wishes. Your digital identity gets a new face with us.

andre kremmer graphic and web designer portrait


André Kremmer is a freelance designer who specialises in the development of brands and corporate identities. His work is his passion. He loves to immerse himself in the most diverse philosophies and visions of companies in order to successfully animate them visually and conceptually.

He created the studio "Art Of Change - Hamburg" to accompany your company and your products on the journey of constant change. It is our passion to promote the individual conciseness that makes you stand out. Together with us you develop. Strong and successful foundation for your company.

We look forward to your projects.


Wir sind in Kooperation mit der Agentur für Suchmaschinen Optimierung und Text von Tom Phillip Zenker so we can support you even better.

We look forward to discovering new paths as a team.


Let yourself be inspired by our work, for detailed questions about the projects, do not hesitate to contact us.


Especially for the company NimTec Brandschutz- und Sicherheitstechnik Hamburg, we developed another logo for their online shop. This logo was created based on the theme of security and 24 hour availability. We are happy to bring another mainstay forward.


The young company from the field of electrical engineering for SmartHome and SmartEnergy has already made a name for itself in the North German region. We provided the company with a new image. This includes the new logo, a new web presence, corporate design and brand strategy.


A label from RS-COMPANY. Here a strong brand logo was developed to reflect the development of three young entrepreneurs with a new world view, dynamics, openness and a new kind of strategy. The brand itself will be positioned on the market with innovative products in the future.

NimTec Brandschutztechnik - Hamburg

For a renowned company in the field of Fire protection and safety engineering in Hamburg, a completely new corporate identity and a new strategy was developed in cooperation with Jalost-Studios created. The new logo bears a significant part that is based on the Hamburg region. True to the motto from Hamburg for Hamburg and the surrounding area.


For an independent and nationwide active real estate investment company with focus on the purchase and sale of investment properties, we developed together with Jalost-Studios den gesamten Firmenauftritt (Corporate Identity). Vom Logo bis zur Internetseite und Geschäftspapiere. Das gesamte Branding und die Design-Strategie.

christian Klug - energy work for humans and animals

Christian Klug, ein freischaffender Energiearbeiter, jener die Pole und Meridiane in uns und den Wesen wieder in den richtigen Frequenzen schwingen lassen möchte und hilft denjenigen, die von diesen bahnen abgekommen sind. Eine sehr gefühlvolle Person trat auf uns zu um sich visuell und Plattform seitig individuell aufzustellen. Wir entwickelten hier gemeinsam mit Jalost-Studios das sehr persönliche Logo und die komplette Corporate Identity sowie den Internetauftritt.


The Therapiezentrum Waitzstrasse in Hamburg approached us in the course of a change of ownership in order to realign its corporate identity. A fresh and dynamic variant was to be created to bridge the gap between the generations of patients. It was our concern to promote the tingling in the head with the logo. Together with Jalost-Studios we developed the logo, the branding and a minimal name optimization.


The company with the name COM4CHEM created Kerstin Heitmann after many years of work in a renowned chemical company. She came to us to have a visual appearance and a corresponding image built up. Together with the Jalost-Studios here the logo, the branding and a minimal name optimization.

HYPNOE - Hypnosis Center Hamburg

A company with a future and foresight, to regulate one's own wellbeing and being. The Hypnosezentrum Hamburg was launched in 2020. Here, the aim was to create a simple and plain form of appearance. Logo and typography are in consensus without disturbing each other. The personal power animal of the owner was integrated into the logo on request and reflects the deep insight and ingenuity.

Blue Butterfly - healing coach

As a very experienced Healing Coach we got to know Andrea Richter and together with the Jalost-Studios we designed a new concept for the overall appearance. This included, the logo, the appearance on the internet.

Logo des Chinesischen Verein e.V. Hamburg

Chinesischer Verein e.v. Hamburg

The Chinesischer Verein e.V. Hamburg accompanied us in our thoughts for a long time, which was accompanied by a longer process and led to a new face. The new logo for the oldest Chinese association from Hamburg, which has been active since 1929, was created together with the Jalost-Studios.




Ein Traditionsunternehmen aus Hamburg hatte die Absicht nur die Webseite neu zu gestalten. Wir haben in dem Zuge die CORPORATE IDENTITY etwas auf den Kopf gestellt und das Logo gleich mit re/Designed, damit man auch in Zukunft die Prägnanz bewahren kann.

Tom Phillip Zenker - LOGO


To capture the originality paired with the conciseness of his works and to integrate it into the new CORPORATE IDENTITY is very important to us. The logo has already been implemented and we look forward to its further integration into the overall business image. .

SECRET LABEL - Brand for individuality

A new brand is created - for the individual in people, with which one can express oneself.

This project is currently gaining momentum, and further information will follow.

The logo was created in cooperation with the Jalost-Studios.


Das Transportunternehmen AS TRANSPORTE – Flughafen Transporte International befindet sich noch in der Neuorientierung des Corporate Designs wobei wir hier in Zusammenarbeit mit den Jalost-Studios das Logo schon einmal entworfen haben.

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